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Why a wool blanket?

Lambs know how to dress, and that's why we recommend it for your entire family. Even your fur companions will get a kick out of these tartan throws.

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide a wide range of 26+ wool tartan blankets. These are alongside our range of tartan home & gifts, tartan cushions, Scottish tea towels, and even Harris Tweed pet accessories.

Versatile Tartan Blankets

More than just a tartan wool blanket, it's your early morning companion with a cup of coffee. A wool blanket is at night in front of the TV. It's a gift for a loved one or a future family heirloom because they last for years and generations to come.

But most important, wool blankets are that comforting hug with a snug, soft touch.

Add Sophistication to Dull Home Décor

The classic coloured check not only provides warmth on chilly evenings but perfectly complements your home's interior décor. Snuggle up in a stylish tartan blanket in front of a window or while sipping on your favourite wine in front of a crackling fire.

Get Comfortable Outdoors In Stylish Tartan

Experience the outdoors or watch your kid's football matches comfortably parked on a tartan picnic rug. Not just used for enjoying a picnic, a tartan wool blanket is a staple when camping, hiking in cool weather, and for several other outdoor activities.

Drape the tartan around your shoulders like a poncho or turn it into a make-shift kilt if you accidentally lose your pants.

Tartan blankets to the rescue on long journeys

Tartan plaid throws are handy to have on long journeys because you never know if you might get stuck. Plus, it's more than suitable to cover up little ones when out in the cold.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

These Scottish tartan blankets make a warm-hearted gift.

Choose your family's tartan and it could be the new family heirloom.

Authentic Clan Tartans For Elegance and Practicality

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide authentic clan blankets. These check blankets are made from superior-quality wool that adds all the right amounts of elegance.

The beautiful thick wool is available in several authentic clan tartans with matching fringing.

Luxurious, durable and long-lasting

A wool blanket is strong and elastic, which makes this luxury product durable and long-lasting. 

Rock tartans wherever, whenever

On top of the warm fuzzy feelings (inside and out), a tartan wool blanket is lightweight, so it can be moved easily from room to room and used at every picnic. These traditional windproof blankets are a must-have to add a classic and stylish twist for everyday use.

The perfect all-rounder against moisture

Wool throws are naturally water-resistant and repel moisture vapour, which makes them resistant to mould and mildew. A tartan wool blanket is a superb all-rounder that won't quickly deteriorate.

Tartan blankets are easy to care for

Wool is a highly practical fibre that's easy to clean because dirt sits on the surface and isn't easily embedded among the threads. Pure wool is a breathable material that can be aired for freshness and effectively repels dirt.

Still, to maintain their look and quality, dry cleaning is the only cleaning method we recommend.

A Tartan Blanket Looks New For A Long Time

A wool blanket has natural wrinkle-resistant capabilities, so you don't have to spend hours trying to keep it in pristine condition. The resilient fibres in a wool blanket quickly return to the original size after washing because wool is prone to holding its shape.

A Tartan Wool Blanket For Any Season

The breathable nature of wool allows your body temperature to regulate itself. The touch of cosy softness that a tartan blanket provides is a perfect buffer against light rain and wind.

When it's cold, a wool blanket or throw removes moisture from your skin and traps dry air and warmth. But in warmer temperatures, wool removes excess heat and humidity, helping you stay cool.

Tartan Wool Rugs are Flame-Retardant

Wool tartan throws are naturally fire-resistant because they can withstand high heat temperatures.

Wool also has a high limiting oxygen index, which means tartan blankets from the highlands of Scotland don't melt or stick easily and are self-extinguishing. They're safe to have around, so snuggle up with confidence in front of the fireplace.

Wool Tartan Blanket Is Asthma-Friendly

Dust mites are those cheeky buggers that anyone can live without because they're a crucial trigger for asthma attacks. Dust mites cannot live on a wool blanket, which makes it a perfect option for people with asthma. A tartan wool blanket is ideal if you're sleeping or lounging around during the day.

A Tartan Wool Blanket is Hypoallergenic

The natural anti-allergenic nature of wool makes it great for a lavish picnic or as a throw on your bed. A wool blanket doesn't collect static, which is the leading cause of dust collecting.

The hypoallergenic qualities are ideal for people with allergies because it doesn't attract dust mites.

Improves air quality with potential health benefits

Wool tartan throws and blankets absorb indoor pollutants, which improve the air quality while you sleep. The comfort combination with wool's sustainability characteristics has a unique spring-like structure. The natural crimp gives excellent support and relief from bedsores.

Wool Blanket For Better Sleep

The natural fibre in a wool blanket is highly breathable, unlike its synthetic counterparts. Wool helps you stay cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold conditions.

You can now get deep regenerative sleep by minimising sleep disturbances caused by erratic temperatures, smelly odours, and irritation caused by excessive perspiration.

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide several tartans in a cornucopia of colours. We provide impeccable quality check blankets in size 64" x 74". 

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