Kilt Hose

Boys Kilt Hose

Boys kilt hose are a staple in any kids kilt outfit. These Scottish socks are soft, durable, provide a snug fit and look just like Dad's.

Kilt hose are traditionally worn knee-high with the upper part folded down to create a thicker cuff. It's not always easy finding a kilt sock to match your tartan. That's why a neutral colour works best.

The baby hose caters to 0-12 months old while the Glen Appin Of Scotland range caters to shoe sizes 6 - 3.5 UK.

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide top-quality children's kilt socks made in Scotland together with our range of Kid's kilt belts and kilt accessories.

Kilt Sock/ Hose: Easy to wear

A kilt hose is worn above the calf and folded down to create a lip. Boys Kilt Flashes hold the socks in place and if you wish a fake Sgian Dubh can be worn on the side of your child's dominant hand. The kilt hose doesn't cover any of the knees and only the handle of the Sgian Dubh shows out the top of the sock.

Pair kilt socks with either black shoes or boots and, of course, a boys tartan kilt.

Kilt Hose Made for Comfort

These Scottish kid socks are made from a blend of wool, Acrylic, Nylon, and Elastane. The luxury wool provides a soft touch while keeping your son's feet warm. They absorb moisture and are anti-bacterial at the same time.

Acrylic is superb for shortening drying time and adding extra insulation. The natural absorbent qualities of acrylic is ideal for odour control.

The Nylon used in these kilt sock makes it tough and can resist a lot of pulling and tugging. On the other hand, elastane ensures a comfortable, snug fit in your boy's shoe.

Modern kilt hose with Traditional design

Even though these children's kilt socks have a traditional ribbed design, the modern fabric keeps your wee one stylish and warm. The broad ribbed socks let you know when the socks are twisted to straighten them as they're more comfortable that way.

Long-lasting kilt socks

Children's Scottish hose are not worn every day. But when they are worn, they're truly put to the test whether it's an outdoor event, wedding, highland dance or ceilidh.

The fibre blend is perfect to provide comfort and strength which makes them hard-wearing and machine washable. They're more than durable and comfortable, but luxurious as the traditional design makes these the ideal highland accessory.

Kilt socks in 2 different colours

These boys kilt hose are available in a solid Black or White colour. If your little boy is prone to getting their socks dirty (which is normal), then the colours are easy to care for.

The solid black or white colour complements any kilt your little boy is wearing and is suitable for any occasion.

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide hard-wearing hose to match any tartan outfits for any special event.

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