Kilt Flashes

Kids Kilt Flashes

The traditional clothing of Scotland is not just your usual national garb. Kilts are beloved worldwide, but a great kilt is only as good as its accessories – like kilt flashes.

With a good pair of flashes, your kid is guaranteed to be the best dressed whatever the occasion.

Our range of kids kilt flashes are available for kids and babies and can be bought alongside full kilt outfits and accessories such as kilt belts and kilt hoses.

Perfect for Weddings and Special Occasions

Kilts are the most important part of traditional Scottish outfits, but when it’s time to dress to impress it’s all about the details.

Whether it’s a wedding or Christmas dinner, finding accessories that fit with the kilt is key to a cute outfit for those special occasions.

Stylish Designs for Stylish Kids

With a wide variety of different styles and designs to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect flashes to complement that tartan waistcoat and black fur sporran.

Made from premium wool and a hardy elastic that fits snug around the sock, these Scottish inspired baby kilt flashes are tastefully designed and timeless.

The elastic makes it easy to put on and take off while hugging the sock so it doesn't slip down.

Complete the Look with the Right Clan Colours

Tartan Tweeds offers a wide variety of vibrant flashes.

Whether you want something bright and fun or moody and muted, we have designs in traditional clan colours to suit any occasion.


This is a wildly popular design among boys and looks great with most kilts.

The light blue and bright yellow hues make it an excellent option for outdoor events.

Black Watch

The Black Watch design is iconic.

This elegant tartan will look good paired with pretty much anything. Of course, the darker shade and midnight blue make it great for formal events and dinners.

Buchanan Antique

Buchanan Antique's warm colours make it the perfect winter and autumn companion.

Pair it with the Buchanan Antique Tartan Baby Kilt Outfit for an outfit that will turn heads.


Colquhoun tartan offers a splash of colour and personality to formal outfits.

Pair these Colquhoun flashes with kilt hoses to really make a statement.

Cornish Hunting

The dark midnight blue colour and deep lines on Cornish Hunting make it a popular choice for evening events and special occasions.

Of course, that’s not to say it can’t be worn casually.


Nothing beats a black, red, and yellow colour combination.

When it comes to special occasions and formal events, Wallace tartan is always an elegant and stylish choice.

Ramsay Blue

Ramsay Blue is truly one of the timeless designs.

Blue contrasted with white and black lines works wonderfully at any events and boys will love it.

Royal Stewart

Recognised around the world, Royal Stewart is an essential part of any wardrobe.

No other design is quite as well-known as Royal Stewart so these are the perfect first pair of flashes.

Traditional Kilt Flashes United Kingdom

Tartan Tweeds is a trusted retailer of Scottish themed outfits for babies, boys, and girls in the United Kingdom.

Whether you need a baby tartan kilt hose flash or full baby kilt outfit, you’re in the right place.