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A traditional Scottish outfit is made up of 5 important components: Sporran, Flashes, Hoses, Kilt Belt, and of course, a Kilt in your clan colours. It may be easy to forget, but the belt is actually one of the most versatile parts of Scotland’s noble regalia.

To wear a kilt outfit like a true Scot it should be embellished with each of these kilt accessories. But the beauty of the belt is that even when there is no big special occasion to celebrate, it can still be worn casually, with just a Ghillie shirt or tartan trousers.

Tartan Tweeds celebrates this beloved part of Scotland’s culture by sharing some of the finest tartan clothing and tartan treasures with our customers, including the classic boys kilt belt.

Traditional Scottish Style for the Modern Child

With premium black leather straps and high-quality stainless steel and chrome buckles, our boys belts were designed to honour the cultural heritage of Scotland but still be stylish enough to wear with contemporary outfits.

Its timeless design makes it an enduring accessory for any style.


Durable stainless steel and chrome buckles

Adjustable Velcro fastening for a more comfortable fit

Elegant and intricate Thistle design on the buckle

Genuine black leather strap with classic plain design


Small Size: 18” – 20” / 46cm – 51cm

Medium Size: 22” – 26” / 56cm – 66cm

Large Size: 26” – 30” / 66cm – 76cm

What’s the Difference Between a Kilt Belt and Regular Belt?

A kilt belt is steeped in legend and historic significance and is worn because it is a traditional part of the kilt outfit. It is not worn for practical reasons.

How to Wear a Kilt Belt

The kilt belt is an important element of highland wear, which is why it must be worn properly. These are key things to remember:

1. It should only be worn with an Argyll Jacket, never with a waistcoat or Prince Charlie Jacket

2. It should sit around the top of the kilt and not go through the hoops

3. The sporran and buckle should be centred at the front of the kilt

4. It is paired with a buckle in a shiny or antique finish

Timeless Leather and Steel Style

Our black boys leather belts were designed with a timeless style in mind.

High quality, full-grain leather in a classic colour together with an intricate thistle buckle design gives them a style that will never be out of fashion.

Adjustable Strap Gives Longer Wear

When it seems like your tot is getting bigger within the blink of an eye, finding clothing and accessories that can adjust is always a bonus.

Our boys kilt belt was made with an adjustable Velcro leather strap that will do the job better than most of the alternatives out there.

Wear with a Necktie for Special Occasions

Although it is great value black leather, its high-quality finishing gives it an elegant look that can be worn for even the most lavish occasions.

These belts pair well with neckties and Argyll jackets, but it won’t be complete without a semi-dress fur sporran.

Pair with Tartan Trousers for Casual Look

The classic style of these belts mean they can be worn with a Ghillie shirt and tartan trousers. Their timeless design makes them a great fashion accessory for various occasions.

Looks Great with a Classic Harris Tweed Cap

With a belt this stylish you don’t really need to do much else to jazz up the outfit – unless it involves adding a Harris Tweed cap.

These two paired together adds a dash of highlands charm that will make your kid the most adored person in any room.

Premium Materials Made in Scotland

It’s not just in the way we talk about Scottish wear that reveals our passion for this unique culture of ours, it also shows in the materials we use.

Our belts are made from quality leather and steel that should last for years and even improve with wear.

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 If you aren’t sold on kilts, we also have a range of kids tartan trousers that will look fantastic with the leather kilt belt. We also stock a wide selection of other Scottish inspired kids clothing like tartan bow ties and waistcoats.