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You can’t wear any old shirt with a kilt, it has to be a Jacobite Ghillie Shirt if you want to do things right. After all, the kilt outfit is a celebration of the legendary courage of Scotland and represents the pride of Scots. To wear this traditional garb is to honour Scottish culture.

An authentic Highland style Ghillie together with kilt accessories like a sporran and hoses is what you need to rock the iconic Scottish look.

Get the highland look for your little one with our kids Jacobite kilt shirt and a pair of tartan trousers, or go all out with a baby kilt! Our kids wear adds an adorable touch of Scotland style to any event.

What is a Ghillie Shirt?

The Ghillie is one of the beloved items of clothing that make up the proud garb of the Jacobite Highlanders. It is an essential part of any Scot’s wardrobe.

A Ghillie follows a traditional design with a casual loose fit, long sleeves, and lace-up leather collar. Made with soft cotton fabric, these shirts were designed to be comfortable so the wearer can partake in activities such as cèilidh dancing or daring crawling.


100% Premium cotton Ghillie (machine washable)

100% Genuine leather laces (not machine washable)

Loose sleeves with matching buttons to cuffs

Available in white to match any outfit

Size options from 0-8 years to ensure a great fit

Easy to put on and take off

Made in Scotland

Shirt Sizes

Our Ghillie shirt with lace is available for children between 0 - 8 years old.

Leather laces only for 3+ years

Matches Any Clan Colours

A Jacobite Ghillie kilt shirt looks good next to any clan colours – whether it’s Buchanan, Black Watch, or MacLeod. It's what makes it such a timeless item of clothing.

Create the Quintessential Scottish Look

Those special occasions deserve a deluxe Ghillie and kilt outfit. Your wee one will look dapper and, most likely, be the best-dressed kid in the place.

Keep it Casual with Trousers

A premium cotton Jacobite shirt is a popular companion to kilts, but it looks great with trousers too. This makes it perfect for informal occasions.

Looks Great with an Embossed Sporran

When sporting a Ghillie with a kilt it’s all about the details. A matching sporran is the difference between a good outfit and a great one.

Pairs Wonderfully with Kilt Hoses

The bright hue of the Ghillie together with the wool hoses creates that quintessential Highland look that is recognised and loved all around the world.

Works with Any Style of Kilt Flashes

That contrast of a Mackenzie motif against the white wool of kilt hoses alongside the cotton Ghillie creates a stylish aesthetic that brings the entire outfit together.

Loose Fitting for Breezy Hot Days

A Jacobite Ghillie Shirt is a traditional, loose-fitting cotton shirt with long sleeves that is worn without a tie. Its laid back, flowy design makes it an excellent summer shirt.

Works for Most Occasions

A deluxe Ghillie for boys is not just for medieval fairs and costume parties, it is worn at many different occasions – from weddings and christenings to dinner parties and playdates.

Lightweight and Soft for Extra Comfort

Comfort never goes out of style, which is why a baby Jacobite Ghillie shirt should always be a staple in your kid’s cupboard. Our premium cotton shirts keep kids comfortable throughout the day.

Quality Kids Kilt Clothing UK

Tartan Tweeds is known for its high-quality Scotland inspired clothing and wares. A kilt shirt is just one of the many items in our catalogue. We also offer a wide range of full baby kilt outfits, waistcoats, sporrans, and bow ties.

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