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Tartan Hip Flask

An authentic Harris Tweed tartan hip flask is a must-have to hold beverages or your cheeky wee dram. It's made in Scotland and is the perfect accessory to any Scottish outfit.

The cylindrical hip flask is shaped perfectly to fit in your tweed jacket and provide a discreet and comfortable option for carrying your favourite tipple.

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide a range of tartan hip flasks in 8oz sets. These are alongside our range of Harris Tweed capsMen's tartan clothing, and rich colour tartan blankets.

The Complete Look: Tartans To Suit Your Clan

These Harris Tweed Hunting hip flasks provide an elegance that's unmatched because it's beautifully wrapped in tartan with intricate detailing. The Scottish tartan tweed offers a complementary look for your kilt, or any outfit for that matter.

Inspired by different locations in Scotland, these sophisticated hip flasks are covered in tweed made from 100% pure virgin wool and handwoven in the outer Hebrides.

The contemporary black or brown leatherette provides easy clean up in case of any spills, so you won't need any special cleaner to keep it in pristine condition.

Compact And Lightweight Tartan Hip Flasks

The tartan hip flasks are light and available in various tartans. The lightweight metal doesn't add much weight, so you don't have to carry heavy bottles filled with your favourite liquor around.

Several Check Hip Flasks to Choose From

Classic Harris Tweed flasks keep your whisky warm and are the perfect accessory to keep in your tweed jacket or kilt. These Scottish hip flasks are available in 4 tartans, namely:


Raspberry Check

Royal Stewart

Rust Check

Authenticity Guaranteed

The beautiful handwoven Scottish tartan cloth is the only fabric protected by the Harris Tweed Act, which provides strict guidelines on the cloth's condition. Authentic Harris Tweed is marked by the famous Harris Tweed Orb and is the UK's oldest trademark.

Hip Flask Size Matters

These authentic Harris Tweed Hunting hip flasks come standard with a set of 4 stainless steel cups and are perfect for any outdoor event. They weigh just under 0.2kg and can hold up to 5 shots of your favourite liquor.

Tartan Hip Flasks For Peace of Mind

Beyond it being covered in authentic Harris Tweed, these tactile and practical hip flasks are made from stainless steel. This makes them the perfect material for storing your favourite beverages because chemicals can't seep into your drink.

That's great because you can "pick your poison" with peace of mind.

A Hip Flask Made to Last

Stainless steel is a durable metal that can be used for any Scottish occasion. Although it's not indestructible, this metal can hold its own against bumps and falls.

Stainless steel is more hard-wearing than many other metals, which means it won't scratch or dent easily. Besides that, you have added protection from the Harris Tweed tartan and leatherette covering.

The tartan flask can be used more often, not just "on special occasions". The hard-wearing capabilities of the stainless steel make it perfect for everyday use.

Enough To Share: The Perfect Gift

Because tartan hip flasks are a perfect companion to a great night, they're ideal for sharing with others. The 8oz Hunting hip flask is available with a set of 4 cups. So, fill up, so there's enough to go around at any outdoor event or rendezvous with your best man.

In fact, each hip flask set comes in a presentation box, so it makes an impeccable gift.

Why Not Use A Regular Bottle?

The point of a hip flask is to provide refreshments whenever you need it if there won't be any around to suit your taste. A Harris Tweed Hunting Hip Flask provides unrivalled discretion and style that no other beverage container could live up to.

No more sounds of clinky bottles as you walk. And certainly, no overdoing it on the liquor because once it's empty, it's done.

What Alcohol Can You Store In A Hip Flask?

Stick to storing hard liquor like whisky, rum, gin, brandy, and bourbon in a hip flask. Citrus-based beverages, cream liqueurs, wine, or beer are not appropriate to store in a flask because they can deteriorate. Flavoured alcohol is also not a good idea. The alcoholic beverage may even interact with the flask material, which ruins the taste.

You generally only need to fill a day's quota in a flask, and you can store it for up to a week. Still, you'd need to keep the flask in a cool place so that you don't spoil the taste.

At Tartan Tweeds, our range of flasks are the perfect accessory tweed caps and tartan gifts.

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