Harris Tweed Caps

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Harris Tweed Hats

If you're looking for a classic yet trendy cap, Harris Tweed provides several accessories for many occasions. Harris Tweed caps are a staple to complete a smart outfit and are perfect for all-weather protection.

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide a wide range of Men's Harris Tweed hats and caps. We source various tartan and tweed products like tartan hip flasks, tartan blankets, and a large collection of Men's Scottish attire.

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Harris Tweed Provides a Sophisticated Look

A tweed headpiece is more than just keeping your head dry. It screams class and sophistication. The trick to getting the r the right look.

Wear your tweed cap with a contrasting colour. For example, a navy flat cap looks distinguished yet fun with grey tailored trousers and a neutral shirt.

But, if a bright blue tweed cap is your thing, pair it with tan clothing to balance out that bold Harris Tweed hat.

Harris Tweed Natural Fibres in Several Colours

Harris Tweed is made from pure virgin wool that's handwoven by master hatmakers. The breathable nature of the fibres is packed together to create tiny pockets of air which allows the tweed caps to absorb moisture and avoid clamminess.

There's a colour for everyone.

Quality Ensured by Legislation

To make sure that the natural fibres are in pristine condition, authority inspectors test and certify that quality standards are met according to the Harris Tweed Act.

Lining: Luxury meets Comfort

Men's tweed hats have a satin lining that's made for comfort, durability, and sophistication. The lightweight satin material provides that soft and silky texture which adds a tad more warmth than what the tweed provides. The luxurious lining makes the hat easier to slip on your head, providing a comfortable fit.

Tweed Hat Sizes

Tweed hats come in a size for everyone from small to extra large with an adjustable strap to fit most heads.

Caring for Harris Tweed hats

To make sure that your Harris Tweed cap doesn't shrink, do not machine wash. The water and heat cause the wool to shrink so drycleaning tweed hats is recommended.

Tartan Tweeds provide authentic Harris Tweed caps in the UK. Our hats collections range from flat caps, baker boy hats, newsboy hats and more. So, you get to choose a hat that suits you according to colour, size, and type.

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