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Harris Tweed Handbags

Harris Tweed bags are timeless, stylish, and elegant. These tweed bags are the perfect accessory to most outfits and make a thoughtful gift. 

All Harris Tweed bags are of excellent quality with a luxurious look and feel. Each bag comes in a choice of tweeds that are a perfect fit for just about any occasion.

At Tartan Tweeds, we stock a wide selection of ladies Harris Tweed bags, including a range of tote handbags, shoulder bags, and backpacks.

What Is So Special About Harris Tweed Bags?

Harris Tweed fabric is well-known for its intricate beauty, unique quality, and rich heritage. The material is expertly handwoven in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. 

On top of that, Harris Tweed material is crafted from 100% virgin wool and spin dyed. A Harris Tweed bag is wonderfully soft thanks to its closely woven woollen construction.

Harris Tweed material is the only fabric protected by Parliament and inspected to verify its authenticity. The high-quality fabric boasts the famous Orb logo to prove its authenticity. 

Scottish Heritage In The Modern World

Harris Tweed bags are popular because they are known for their warmth, breathability, and cultural currency. Our collection of opulent women's tweed bags embraces the Scottish heritage while incorporating authentic Harris Tweed fabrics into the designs.

It's easy to elevate this classic fabric into contemporary fashion through modern handbag designs.

No Compromise On Storage

Harris Tweed bags are the perfect accessory to store all your necessary items.

The lining provides that extra soft and smooth feel as you glide your hands into the bag, while the internal pockets of the tartan bag is a welcomed lifesaver as it provides much-needed organisation capabilities. No more emptying your entire bag for those sneaky keys, loose change, or your cellphone.

Beauty And Practicality Matched

Each tweed handbag has real leather trim for extra durability and flexibility. The leather helps keep your bag in shape while exuding quality and beauty simultaneously.

Versatile Harris Tweed Bags

The well-sought after tartan handbags are known for their versatility and striking style. 

Harris Tweed bags can do it all. They can easily take you from work to a night out.

What makes tweed bags perfect is that they can hold everyday items and still look elegant and purposeful at night. Use them when travelling, exploring the hills, or grabbing a coffee with a friend.

Harris Tweed Bags Are Easy On Your Body

Because we carry more items than we ever need, wearing the wrong handbag could strain your body.

These women's tweed handbags are comfortable and easy to carry. They don't strain your back and shoulders and are easy on your muscles.

Several Designs And Colours To Choose From

A tartan handbag goes far beyond superior quality. These Harris Tweed shoulder bags are also available in several designs like scallop bags, dogtooth bags, square bags, and satchels (among others). 

From different shades of blue to several pink hues that will have you swooning in no time, there's a colour for everyone.

If a warmer colour like chocolate brown and dependable green is more your type of colour, we have a selection of several tartans to match your outfits.

Are you looking for tartan bags in the UK? At Tartan Tweeds, we have an extensive collection of genuine Harris Tweed bags that are classy, durable, and timeless.

These are alongside our matching ladies hatstartan scarves, and tweed purses

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