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Harris Tweed Caps

If you're looking for a classic yet trendy cap, Harris Tweed provides several accessories for many occasions. Harris Tweed caps are a staple to complete a smart outfit and are perfect for all-weather protection.

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide a wide range of Men's Harris Tweed hats and caps. We source various tartan and tweed products like tartan hip flaskstartan blankets, and a large collection of Men's Scottish attire.

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Harris Tweed Provides a Sophisticated Look

A tweed headpiece is more than just keeping your head dry. It screams class and sophistication. The trick to getting the r the right look.

Wear your tweed cap with a contrasting colour. For example, a navy flat cap looks distinguished yet fun with grey tailored trousers and a neutral shirt.

But, if a bright blue tweed cap is your thing, pair it with tan clothing to balance out that bold Harris Tweed hat.

Harris Tweed Natural Fibres in Several Colours

Harris Tweed is made from pure virgin wool that's handwoven by master hatmakers. The breathable nature of the fibres is packed together to create tiny pockets of air which allows the tweed caps to absorb moisture and avoid clamminess.

There's a colour for everyone.

Quality Ensured by Legislation

To make sure that the natural fibres are in pristine condition, authority inspectors test and certify that quality standards are met according to the Harris Tweed Act.

Lining: Luxury meets Comfort

Men's tweed hats have a satin lining that's made for comfort, durability, and sophistication. The lightweight satin material provides that soft and silky texture which adds a tad more warmth than what the tweed provides. The luxurious lining makes the hat easier to slip on your head, providing a comfortable fit.

Tweed Hat Sizes

Tweed hats come in a size for everyone from small to extra large with an adjustable strap to fit most heads.

Caring for Harris Tweed hats

To make sure that your Harris Tweed cap doesn't shrink, do not machine wash. The water and heat cause the wool to shrink so drycleaning tweed hats is recommended.

Tartan Tweeds provide authentic Harris Tweed caps in the UK. Our hats collections range from flat caps, baker boy hats, newsboy hats and more. So, you get to choose a hat that suits you according to colour, size, and type.

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Wool Blankets

Sustainable Natural 100% Premium New Fine Wool Tartan Blankets. These Blankets Can Be Used For Picnic, Barbecue, Study Room , Living Room And Keep You Warm In Cold Weather. A Fine Scottish Gift For Your Friends & Family.

Tartan Wool Blankets

Tartan blankets and throws provide a perfect accessory to your home because you can bring any tired-looking sofa back to life. If you're looking to spruce up your home in a stylish way, a Scottish wool blanket adds beautiful texture and a multi-coloured pattern in any size. Drape them over a bed or sofa to add a touch of colour that only tartan can provide.

Why a wool blanket?

Lambs know how to dress, and that's why we recommend it for your entire family. Even your fur companions will get a kick out of these tartan throws.

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide a wide range of 26+ wool tartan blankets. These are alongside our range of tartan home & gifts, tartan cushions, Scottish tea towels, and even Harris Tweed pet accessories.

Versatile Tartan Blankets

More than just a tartan wool blanket, it's your early morning companion with a cup of coffee. A wool blanket is at night in front of the TV. It's a gift for a loved one or a future family heirloom because they last for years and generations to come.

But most important, wool blankets are that comforting hug with a snug, soft touch.

Add Sophistication to Dull Home Décor

The classic coloured check not only provides warmth on chilly evenings but perfectly complements your home's interior décor. Snuggle up in a stylish tartan blanket in front of a window or while sipping on your favourite wine in front of a crackling fire.

Get Comfortable Outdoors In Stylish Tartan

Experience the outdoors or watch your kid's football matches comfortably parked on a tartan picnic rug. Not just used for enjoying a picnic, a tartan wool blanket is a staple when camping, hiking in cool weather, and for several other outdoor activities.

Drape the tartan around your shoulders like a poncho or turn it into a make-shift kilt if you accidentally lose your pants.

Tartan blankets to the rescue on long journeys

Tartan plaid throws are handy to have on long journeys because you never know if you might get stuck. Plus, it's more than suitable to cover up little ones when out in the cold.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

These Scottish tartan blankets make a warm-hearted gift.

Choose your family's tartan and it could be the new family heirloom.

Authentic Clan Tartans For Elegance and Practicality

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide authentic clan blankets. These check blankets are made from superior-quality wool that adds all the right amounts of elegance.

The beautiful thick wool is available in several authentic clan tartans with matching fringing.

Luxurious, durable and long-lasting

A wool blanket is strong and elastic, which makes this luxury product durable and long-lasting. 

Rock tartans wherever, whenever

On top of the warm fuzzy feelings (inside and out), a tartan wool blanket is lightweight, so it can be moved easily from room to room and used at every picnic. These traditional windproof blankets are a must-have to add a classic and stylish twist for everyday use.

The perfect all-rounder against moisture

Wool throws are naturally water-resistant and repel moisture vapour, which makes them resistant to mould and mildew. A tartan wool blanket is a superb all-rounder that won't quickly deteriorate.

Tartan blankets are easy to care for

Wool is a highly practical fibre that's easy to clean because dirt sits on the surface and isn't easily embedded among the threads. Pure wool is a breathable material that can be aired for freshness and effectively repels dirt.

Still, to maintain their look and quality, dry cleaning is the only cleaning method we recommend.

A Tartan Blanket Looks New For A Long Time

A wool blanket has natural wrinkle-resistant capabilities, so you don't have to spend hours trying to keep it in pristine condition. The resilient fibres in a wool blanket quickly return to the original size after washing because wool is prone to holding its shape.

A Tartan Wool Blanket For Any Season

The breathable nature of wool allows your body temperature to regulate itself. The touch of cosy softness that a tartan blanket provides is a perfect buffer against light rain and wind.

When it's cold, a wool blanket or throw removes moisture from your skin and traps dry air and warmth. But in warmer temperatures, wool removes excess heat and humidity, helping you stay cool.

Tartan Wool Rugs are Flame-Retardant

Wool tartan throws are naturally fire-resistant because they can withstand high heat temperatures.

Wool also has a high limiting oxygen index, which means tartan blankets from the highlands of Scotland don't melt or stick easily and are self-extinguishing. They're safe to have around, so snuggle up with confidence in front of the fireplace.

Wool Tartan Blanket Is Asthma-Friendly

Dust mites are those cheeky buggers that anyone can live without because they're a crucial trigger for asthma attacks. Dust mites cannot live on a wool blanket, which makes it a perfect option for people with asthma. A tartan wool blanket is ideal if you're sleeping or lounging around during the day.

A Tartan Wool Blanket is Hypoallergenic

The natural anti-allergenic nature of wool makes it great for a lavish picnic or as a throw on your bed. A wool blanket doesn't collect static, which is the leading cause of dust collecting.

The hypoallergenic qualities are ideal for people with allergies because it doesn't attract dust mites.

Improves air quality with potential health benefits

Wool tartan throws and blankets absorb indoor pollutants, which improve the air quality while you sleep. The comfort combination with wool's sustainability characteristics has a unique spring-like structure. The natural crimp gives excellent support and relief from bedsores.

Wool Blanket For Better Sleep

The natural fibre in a wool blanket is highly breathable, unlike its synthetic counterparts. Wool helps you stay cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold conditions.

You can now get deep regenerative sleep by minimising sleep disturbances caused by erratic temperatures, smelly odours, and irritation caused by excessive perspiration.

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide several tartans in a cornucopia of colours. We provide impeccable quality check blankets in size 64" x 74". 

Do we have your tartan blanket or throw?

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At Tartan Tweeds, we provide a range of tartan hip flasks in 8oz sets. These are alongside our range of Harris Tweed capsMen's tartan clothing, and rich colour tartan blankets.

The Complete Look: Tartans To Suit Your Clan

These Harris Tweed Hunting hip flasks provide an elegance that's unmatched because it's beautifully wrapped in tartan with intricate detailing. The Scottish tartan tweed offers a complementary look for your kilt, or any outfit for that matter.

Inspired by different locations in Scotland, these sophisticated hip flasks are covered in tweed made from 100% pure virgin wool and handwoven in the outer Hebrides.

The contemporary black or brown leatherette provides easy clean up in case of any spills, so you won't need any special cleaner to keep it in pristine condition.

Compact And Lightweight Tartan Hip Flasks

The tartan hip flasks are light and available in various tartans. The lightweight metal doesn't add much weight, so you don't have to carry heavy bottles filled with your favourite liquor around.

Several Check Hip Flasks to Choose From

Classic Harris Tweed flasks keep your whisky warm and are the perfect accessory to keep in your tweed jacket or kilt. These Scottish hip flasks are available in 4 tartans, namely:


Raspberry Check

Royal Stewart

Rust Check

Authenticity Guaranteed

The beautiful handwoven Scottish tartan cloth is the only fabric protected by the Harris Tweed Act, which provides strict guidelines on the cloth's condition. Authentic Harris Tweed is marked by the famous Harris Tweed Orb and is the UK's oldest trademark.

Hip Flask Size Matters

These authentic Harris Tweed Hunting hip flasks come standard with a set of 4 stainless steel cups and are perfect for any outdoor event. They weigh just under 0.2kg and can hold up to 5 shots of your favourite liquor.

Tartan Hip Flasks For Peace of Mind

Beyond it being covered in authentic Harris Tweed, these tactile and practical hip flasks are made from stainless steel. This makes them the perfect material for storing your favourite beverages because chemicals can't seep into your drink.

That's great because you can "pick your poison" with peace of mind.

A Hip Flask Made to Last

Stainless steel is a durable metal that can be used for any Scottish occasion. Although it's not indestructible, this metal can hold its own against bumps and falls.

Stainless steel is more hard-wearing than many other metals, which means it won't scratch or dent easily. Besides that, you have added protection from the Harris Tweed tartan and leatherette covering.

The tartan flask can be used more often, not just "on special occasions". The hard-wearing capabilities of the stainless steel make it perfect for everyday use.

Enough To Share: The Perfect Gift

Because tartan hip flasks are a perfect companion to a great night, they're ideal for sharing with others. The 8oz Hunting hip flask is available with a set of 4 cups. So, fill up, so there's enough to go around at any outdoor event or rendezvous with your best man.

In fact, each hip flask set comes in a presentation box, so it makes an impeccable gift.

Why Not Use A Regular Bottle?

The point of a hip flask is to provide refreshments whenever you need it if there won't be any around to suit your taste. A Harris Tweed Hunting Hip Flask provides unrivalled discretion and style that no other beverage container could live up to.

No more sounds of clinky bottles as you walk. And certainly, no overdoing it on the liquor because once it's empty, it's done.

What Alcohol Can You Store In A Hip Flask?

Stick to storing hard liquor like whisky, rum, gin, brandy, and bourbon in a hip flask. Citrus-based beverages, cream liqueurs, wine, or beer are not appropriate to store in a flask because they can deteriorate. Flavoured alcohol is also not a good idea. The alcoholic beverage may even interact with the flask material, which ruins the taste.

You generally only need to fill a day's quota in a flask, and you can store it for up to a week. Still, you'd need to keep the flask in a cool place so that you don't spoil the taste.

At Tartan Tweeds, our range of flasks are the perfect accessory tweed caps and tartan gifts.

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Tartan Napkins United Kingdom

Having a dinner party and want to add some Scottish charm? Maybe you’re hosting a Burns Night supper and need something special for the table? Our tartan serviettes are available in an array of fun designs that are guaranteed to be a hit whatever the occasion.

At Tartan Tweeds we aim to offer a range of premium gifts and homewares made from only the finest materials sourced in the United Kingdom, such as cushionsblankets, and tweed caps.

Browse our range below to find the right tartan napkins for your set up.

And if you want to gift your guests with something special, we also offer a range of gifts and homewares such as tea towels and hip flasks.

Designs Inspired by the Rich Heritage of the United Kingdom

From a Highland Cow and Auld Scot Words to Brave music sheets and a Robert Burns poem, our carefully curated napkins celebrate the rich heritage of the United Kingdom.

Scotland is one of the most beloved parts of the United Kingdom and its customs are legendary. These serviettes celebrate some of its most treasured traditions.

Tartan Napkins Your Guests Will Love

With these tartan paper serviettes, it won’t be just another dinner but a celebration of Scottish style and heritage. Even the most discerning guests will love these napkins.

Functional But Fun

Napkins are functional, but that doesn’t mean they are boring. Fun designs and bold colours give them style and charm. They can also be an excellent conversation starter.

What is the difference between tissue and a a napkin?

Tissue and serviettes do the same thing in terms of being used to wipe things, but they are not used in the same way. Serviettes are used to wipe hands and mouths during dinner while tissue is part of the bathroom itinerary or used when you have a cold.

What are the types of napkins?

There are four main varieties:

Beverage for drinks

Hors d'oeuvre for appetisers or starters

Lunch for lunch

Dinner for dinner

Why is paper better?

Although material like cotton and linen looks fancier, paper serviettes are inexpensive and do not require laundering after a meal. When it comes to tartan napkins, paper offers greater versatility and is less expensive than material.

How to Fold Napkins

You can lay it out with a simple fold-over design if you want to keep it simple and relaxed. But one of the best ways to impress your guests is by transforming it into origami.

Serviettes for All Occasions

Whether it’s a regular weekend breakfast or you’re celebrating a milestone moment, Tartan Tweeds' serviettes work for every occasion.

Tartan Themed Dinner Parties

Give your dinner party a touch of style and sass with traditional Black Watch napkins. Complement it with a tartan runner for maximum effect.

Highlands Inspired Holiday Festivities

Our classic tartan patterned designs are available in a range of festive hues that are perfect for pulling that holiday look together while keeping things mess-free.

Burns Night Supper Celebration

When it’s your turn to host a Burns Night supper celebration there is no better dining décor than serviettes with a Robert Burns poem or Robert Burns Portrait.

Special Décor for Special Occasions

Whether it’s a wedding, St Andrew’s Night, or a lavish Hogmanay and First Footing celebration, nothing says I’m a proud Scot quite like tartan table napkins.

Regular Weekday Dinners

Weekday dinners don’t have to be bland with dining accessories like these serviettes. Add a little mid-week fun and colour to your dinners with our a Royal Stewart design. 

Highlands Homecoming Birthdays

When it’s time to celebrate the birthday of that special Scot in your life, add Highland Cow or Brave Music Sheet napkins to keep things fun and whimsical.

Tartan Table Runners United Kingdom

Tartan Tweeds also stocks matching runners if you want to complete the look

A runner can add just the right touch of pattern, design, or accent without taking over the overall design and making it too cluttered or gaudy.

What is a runner used for?

Accessories like runners are a great way to dress up a dining room.

Matching runners with napkins pulls things together nicely, but it can also create an interesting aesthetic when pairing a patterned runner with a plain tablecloth in a solid colour.

Laying a Runner Like a Pro

The most popular way to lay a runner is to place it lengthwise. Setting a runner over a tablecloth and letting it drop about 15 – 30cm down the sides of each end is also a common style.

Tartan Tweeds United Kingdom

Tartan Tweeds is the only name you need to know if you want to ensure your next get together is a success. We are a proud purveyor of tartan napkins in the United Kingdom.

We deliver throughout the United Kingdom and internationally.


Tartan Cushions UK

What’s not to love about a cushion clad in Scotland’s iconic tartan check pattern? Tartan plaid cushions add a dash of the Highlands to any space and are as practical as they are pretty. Our tweed check cushions are the missing element for your home or office space.

Lovingly created by tweed artisans on the Outer Hebrides in northern Scotland, our stylish tartan cushions and cushion covers are perfect accessories for just about any space or style.

Whether it’s a city apartment, countryside cottage, or modern studio, tartan cushions complement any stylistic choices and colour palette.

Use our tartan scatter cushions in bedrooms, living rooms, and offices, or pair them with one of our tartan wool blankets for a Highlands inspired picnic on Loch Lomond.

Browse our range below to find the perfect tartan inspired product for your style.

Tartan Cushions are Not Just Another Piece of Décor

Nothing brightens your home up quite like a sofa lined with tartan cushions. Whether you prefer a clean contemporary look or an eccentric Bohemian aesthetic, woven tartan cushions work with any style. That’s what makes them such an enduring fashion feature.

But there is nothing ordinary about these tartan inspired cushions.

Along with being decadently soft to the touch, functional, and beautiful to look at, they also represent the unique cultural heritage and style of Scotland.

Having a tartan cushion in your home is a stylish way to show off your heritage and ensure no necks are left stiff after a night of sleeping on the couch or in the spare room.

Cushions from Master Weavers of Legendary Hebrides Tweed

If you’re going to celebrate the timeless traditional style that is tartan, there is nowhere else to look but the green rolling hills of the Hebrides.

It is home to a legendary 100% pure woven wool cloth that is fabric luxury in its purest form.

This iconic fabric is Harris Tweed.

Harris Tweed is a decadent material that is one of only a few fabrics that are still woven by hand. It is expertly crafted in the homes of skilled loom masters and tweed artists on the Gaelic Hebrides islands off the coast of northern Scotland.

According to the Harris Tweed Act of 1993, Harris tweed is strictly defined as: “Handwoven by the islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides, finished in the Outer Hebrides, and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides.”

It is a legally protected product that needs to pass an examination before it is certified as authentic by the Tweed National Authority. Each of our Harris Tweed cushions and cushion covers bears the Harris Tweed Authority "Orb" label that signals its authenticity.

Classic Designs that Never Go Out of Style

Tartan will always be timeless. It originated in the Scottish Highlands in the fourth century AD and is still wildly popular. Not just in Scotland, but the rest of the world too.

The distinctive check pattern is instantly recognisable and is beloved by many.

That’s why tartan inspired accessories will always be in style. 

They are modern and sophisticated with just the right amount of colour and Scottish sass. You can never go wrong with a tartan tweed product.

Our cushions and cushion covers are available in a range of colours and designs. Tartan Tweeds offers Standard Square and Rectangular cushions and cushion covers.

Rectangular Tartan Cushions

Rectangular tartan cushions are stylish accessories for any room. Make an impression with textured checked cushions that add a cosy colour element to living rooms, bedrooms, and studies.

Delightfully soft to the touch and generously stuffed, these premium cushions offer support for those late nights at your computer or a plush cuddle buddy for those lonely winter nights.

Our rectangular cushions are available in small and large sizes. Mix and match different sizes to create a visually interesting design or a couch you won’t be able to resist sinking into.

Choose from timeless grey and brown earthy tones or bright, brilliant shades of purple, red, and blue.

Cushion Sizes

40cm x 25cm

44cm x 26cm

46cm x 26cm

50cm x 30cm

Square Tartan Cushions

There is so much you can do with these square tartan cushions.

Add soft textures in the bedroom by pairing our statement tartan cushions with a complementary throw or bed runner. Transform a dark interior into a welcoming space by adorning sofas and armchairs with earthy hued cushions. Or add a touch of colour to light, modern rooms for a bold design element that enhances the airy aesthetic.

Created from thick woven wool material that is extremely robust and durable, these cushions can withstand everyday use and the wear and tear that comes with active families and frequent cuddling.

Our tartan cushions come in a range of attractive and timeless designs. Choose from vivid shades of red, purple, green, and blue for a more whimsical style. Or go for muted shades of grey, brown, and khaki for an enduring colour palette that encourages relaxation.

Cushion Sizes

40cm x 40cm

Tartan Cushion Covers

Already have cushions and just need a trendy tartan cushion cover to complete the look?

Look no further.

Our tartan cushion covers will not disappoint when it comes to quality and design. Mix and match sizes to achieve the perfect colour palette. Or simply replace a frumpy old cover that has lost its vibrant colour with a beloved Scottish design you will never tire of.

Our cushion covers are available in quintessential check designs that pair well with plain and patterned material. Opt for a bold red Royal Stewart cover with a black satin back panel or moody green and blue Black Watch tartan cover with a black satin back panel.

Cushion Cover Sizes

40cm x 40cm

Great in City Apartments and Country Cottages

There are countless ways to add charm and style to living spaces, but cushions will always be one of the best decorating decisions you can make. Both functional and fun, cushions can give an otherwise dull space just the right amount of colour and personality.

Whether it’s a corporate space, farmhouse, or minimal city apartment, cushions with the distinct check pattern of Scotland add a quirkiness you can’t help but love.

Our scatter cushions are made from incredibly robust material and have a beautiful but nuanced design that makes them great for just about any space. We recommend using them as bed pillows, sofa cushions, decorative accents, seat pads, or floor cushions.

They also make excellent gifts and are hardy enough to be used in hotels, guest houses, holiday lets, and reception areas.

Cleaning and Care Guide

Each cushion has a removable cover, making it easy to wash.

A cool hand wash or dry clean will ensure your cushions retain their striking colour. Using laundry detergents that are free from harsh chemicals is also recommended.

Tartan Cushions and Tartan Cushion Covers UK

Tartan Tweed is a trusted purveyor of traditional tartan and tweed wear and gifts in Scotland. We take our tweed seriously and are passionate about sharing this iconic style with the world and delighting our customers with the finest tweed this side of the equator.

Handmade in Scotland with only the best material and most attractive designs, our traditional tartan cushions will impress even the most discerning tweed and tartan lovers.

Our luxurious Harris Tweed collection is free from scratchy synthetic materials, making them perfect for beds. They are also extremely durable, so you can use them as floor cushions for picnics and not worry about them fraying or stuffing bursting through the seams.

We ship throughout the United Kingdom and internationally.

Browse our wide range of modern tartan inspired cushions and cushion covers below to find the perfect one that will match your home or workspace.

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Tea Towels

Tartan Tea Towels

There are two kinds of people: those who like their kitchen products to be plain and those who enjoy adding a touch of quirkiness to their kitchen design. These tartan tea towels are for the latter – the zany folk who want to add a bit of Scottish fun to kitchen time.

Our tartan tea towels are not just another kitchen product, they were designed to be fun too.

A Scottish Tea Towel Your Guests Will Love

They’re great for everyday tasks like wiping up crumbs from cookies and drying dishes. But they are also the perfect finishing touch for your annual dinner party.

Pair it with a striking table runner or set of tartan napkins and your shindig is guaranteed to leave your guests talking about it for years to come. They also make excellent gifts for that proud Scot in your life or as souvenirs for friends and family members living abroad.

What is a Tea Towel Exactly?

Tea towels have a surprisingly long history that dates back to the 18th century.

During this time, they were largely used for drying fine china and delicate tea sets and insulating teapots at tea ceremonies, hence the name.

They were also used for practising embroidery. People often gifted friends and family towels with embroidered flowers and other designs.

From Plain to Peculiar

Tea towels started as plain pieces of cloth but have evolved over the years and become more decorative. By the 19th and 20th centuries, striped and check towels were all the rage.

Today, designs have more colour and are much more engaging – like our Scottish Words tea towel or Map of Scotland tea towel.

What Are Tea Towels Used For?

Whether you need to dust away crumbs from cookies, dry dishes, or polish your beloved fine china tea set, a cotton tea towel is an important product to have in your kitchen arsenal.

More Than Just a Drying Cloth

They are versatile and designed with superior fabric that absorbs moisture well and doesn’t scratch thanks to its non-abrasive material.

There are many ways to use them, but drying dishes, hands, and surfaces are the most common. Tea towels can also be used to handle hot cookware and clean spills.

Get Creative with Towel Origami

Don’t let their functionality fool you – tea towels are fun too.

Towels can be folded into cute shapes that add a whimsical touch to hotel rooms and tableware in restaurants. Towel swans are the most popular.

What is the Difference Between a Tea Towel and Dish Towel?

By definition, tea towels are made of cotton or linen. Dish towels, on the other hand, can also be made of terry cloth. If it is made of terry cloth it is not a tea towel.

Both types of towels are about the size of a hand towel.

Their size ranges from 40cm x 71cm to 46cm x 76cm.

Why is Cotton Better?

Cotton is tightly woven which makes it super absorbent and less likely to leave behind lint. It is also heat-tolerant and extremely durable, which offers better protection for your hands when handling hot cookware and that is guaranteed to last even with rigorous everyday use.

Delivery information

We take the utmost care to ensure the fast and efficient delivery of all products ordered on the Tartan Tweeds website. We use a trusted delivery service that handles all orders with care and is committed to offering excellent service and short delivery times.

Your order will be processed as soon as we receive payment confirmation. Please allow for up to 7 working days for delivery following the dispatch of your order.

Orders will be processed and delivery will happen no later than 30 days after your order is placed.

In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your delivery, please get in touch with us through our website or by calling 0141 647 7884 (9:00am – 5:00pm).

We deliver throughout the United Kingdom.

Scottish Tea Towels UK

Tartan Tweeds take pride in offering products made with premium materials and ensuring the timeous delivery of all items ordered on our website. It is this commitment to customer service excellence that has made us a trusted purveyor of tartan wares in the UK.

Your Trusted Tartan Supplier

Whether you’re looking for tartan giftsHarris Tweed caps, or tartan cushions, Tartan Tweeds is the go-to for all your Scottish themed products.


Tartan Bagpipes UK

A bagpipe is known as the Musical Instrument of Scotland. Some people may not be content enough to listen to the pipes once in a while. They want to master the low-droning, high-pitched, and sometimes squeaky instrument that motivated Scottish troops back in the day.

Bagpipes are a fantastic way to actively involve your child in appreciating some of the gems from Scotland. The mini bagpipes are designed to provide your kids with hours of endless fun.

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide a selection of tartan bagpipes in various covers suitable for kids.

Blowstick For Air Supply

The natural wood of the blowstick allows your child to blow into the pipes safely. The grooved wood is excellent at preventing the cover from slipping while making sweet music.

The blowstick also has an accompanying valve to stop air from blowing back.

Chanter & Reed To Make Traditional Scots Music

The reed helps your little one make the amazing sound of traditional Scottish music.

Place the reed between the bag and in the chanter to produce bewildering melodies. The working chanter attaches to the blowpipe by biting on the reed and blowing into the airbag. Your kid can easily make music by covering up the holes to make different notes.

The pipes are a perfect way to practice the intricate finger technique of playing a wind instrument. 

Drones To Add A Realistic Touch

The wooden drones are beautifully varnished and prevent splinters from getting into your young ones' hands. Even though the drones don't have a functional purpose on these models, they allow your kid to get a real-life feel for an adult set of pipes.

The fancy matching cord holds the drones elegantly in place.

Tartan Bag To Complete The Scottish Look

These clan tartan bag covers provide the iconic touch that these woodwind instruments and tartan are known for. The airbag is made from synthetic material while the tartan covers consist of high-quality wool acrylic that easily fits under your kid's arm.

The shape and fitting of the bag make it easier for little hands to control.

Several Clan Tartans To Choose From

There's a range of clan tartans available, like Mackenzie, Black Watch, Pride of Scotland, and the well-known, Royal Stewart.

The matching fringing provides a pleasant aesthetic that adds a touch of simple flamboyance.

More Than Just Fun

Playing the bagpipe can help boost your child's confidence, especially as they get better. Starting to play the bagpipe brings you into a community where your kid can connect with others.

The challenge of learning a new skill is also good for brain health because Pipers memorise their music - which could be a collection of modern music too.

Are Tartan Bagpipes Easy to Play?

A bagpipe is more challenging to play than other musical instruments. That's because Pipers have to blow and squeeze simultaneously to keep the right amount of air flowing.

Because it can take months and years to master songs, starting your kid early on the pipes is better.

At Tartan Tweeds, we have clan tartan bagpipes for sale that are perfectly shaped for a snug fit.

Buy bagpipes online today.

Kids Kilt Belt

A traditional Scottish outfit is made up of 5 important components: SporranFlashesHoses, Kilt Belt, and of course, a Kilt in your clan colours. It may be easy to forget, but the belt is actually one of the most versatile parts of Scotland’s noble regalia.

To wear a kilt outfit like a true Scot it should be embellished with each of these kilt accessories. But the beauty of the belt is that even when there is no big special occasion to celebrate, it can still be worn casually, with just a Ghillie shirtor tartan trousers.

Traditional Scottish Style for the Modern Child

With premium black leather straps and high-quality stainless steel and chrome buckles, our boys belts were designed to honour the cultural heritage of Scotland but still be stylish enough to wear with contemporary outfits.

Its timeless design makes it an enduring accessory for any style.


Durable stainless steel and chrome buckles

Adjustable Velcro fastening for a more comfortable fit

Elegant and intricate Thistle design on the buckle

Genuine black leather strap with classic plain design


Small Size: 18” – 20” / 46cm – 51cm

Medium Size: 22” – 26” / 56cm – 66cm

Large Size: 26” – 30” / 66cm – 76cm

What’s the Difference Between a Kilt Belt and Regular Belt?

A kilt belt is steeped in legend and historic significance and is worn because it is a traditional part of the kilt outfit. It is not worn for practical reasons.

How to Wear a Kilt Belt

The kilt belt is an important element of highland wear, which is why it must be worn properly. These are key things to remember:

1. It should only be worn with an Argyll Jacket, never with a waistcoat or Prince Charlie Jacket

2. It should sit around the top of the kilt and not go through the hoops

3. The sporran and buckle should be centred at the front of the kilt

4. It is paired with a buckle in a shiny or antique finish

Timeless Leather and Steel Style

Our black boys leather belts were designed with a timeless style in mind.

High quality, full-grain leather in a classic colour together with an intricate thistle buckle design gives them a style that will never be out of fashion.

Adjustable Strap Gives Longer Wear

When it seems like your tot is getting bigger within the blink of an eye, finding clothing and accessories that can adjust is always a bonus.

Our boys kilt belt was made with an adjustable Velcro leather strap that will do the job better than most of the alternatives out there.

Wear with a Necktie for Special Occasions

Although it is great value black leather, its high-quality finishing gives it an elegant look that can be worn for even the most lavish occasions.

These belts pair well with neckties and Argyll jackets, but it won’t be complete without a semi-dress fur sporran.

Pair with Tartan Trousers for Casual Look

The classic style of these belts mean they can be worn with a Ghillie shirt and tartan trousers. Their timeless design makes them a great fashion accessory for various occasions.

Looks Great with a Classic Harris Tweed Cap

With a belt this stylish you don’t really need to do much else to jazz up the outfit – unless it involves adding a Harris Tweed cap.

These two paired together adds a dash of highlands charm that will make your kid the most adored person in any room.

Premium Materials Made in Scotland

It’s not just in the way we talk about Scottish wear that reveals our passion for this unique culture of ours, it also shows in the materials we use.

Our belts are made from quality leather and steel that should last for years and even improve with wear.

Tartan Tweeds United Kingdom

 If you aren’t sold on kilts, we also have a range of kids tartan trousers that will look fantastic with the leather kilt belt. We also stock a wide selection of other Scottish inspired kids clothing like tartan bow ties and waistcoats.

Kid Kilt Shirt

You can’t wear any old shirt with a kilt, it has to be a Jacobite Ghillie Shirt if you want to do things right. 

An authentic Highland style Ghillie together with kilt accessories like a sporran and hoses is what you need to rock the iconic Scottish look.

Get the highland look for your little one with our kids Jacobite kilt shirt and a pair of tartan trousers, or go all out with a baby kilt! Our kids wear adds an adorable touch of Scotland style to any event.

What is a Ghillie Shirt?

The Ghillie is one of the beloved items of clothing that make up the proud garb of the Jacobite Highlanders. It is an essential part of any Scot’s wardrobe.

A Ghillie follows a traditional design with a casual loose fit, long sleeves, and lace-up leather collar. Made with soft cotton fabric, these shirts were designed to be comfortable so the wearer can partake in activities such as cèilidh dancing or daring crawling.


100% Premium cotton Ghillie (machine washable)

100% Genuine leather laces (not machine washable)

Loose sleeves with matching buttons to cuffs

Available in white to match any outfit

Size options from 0-8 years to ensure a great fit

Easy to put on and take off

Made in Scotland

Shirt Sizes

Our Ghillie shirt with lace is available for children between 0 - 8 years old.

Leather laces only for 3+ years

Matches Any Clan Colours

A Jacobite Ghillie kilt shirt looks good next to any clan colours – whether it’s Buchanan, Black Watch, or MacLeod. It's what makes it such a timeless item of clothing.

Create the Quintessential Scottish Look

Those special occasions deserve a deluxe Ghillie and kilt outfit. Your wee one will look dapper and, most likely, be the best-dressed kid in the place.

Keep it Casual with Trousers

A premium cotton Jacobite shirt is a popular companion to kilts, but it looks great with trousers too. This makes it perfect for informal occasions.

Looks Great with an Embossed Sporran

When sporting a Ghillie with a kilt it’s all about the details. A matching sporran is the difference between a good outfit and a great one.

Pairs Wonderfully with Kilt Hoses

The bright hue of the Ghillie together with the wool hoses creates that quintessential Highland look that is recognised and loved all around the world.

Works with Any Style of Kilt Flashes

That contrast of a Mackenzie motif against the white wool of kilt hoses alongside the cotton Ghillie creates a stylish aesthetic that brings the entire outfit together.

Loose Fitting for Breezy Hot Days

A Jacobite Ghillie Shirt is a traditional, loose-fitting cotton shirt with long sleeves that is worn without a tie. Its laid back, flowy design makes it an excellent summer shirt.

Works for Most Occasions

A deluxe Ghillie for boys is not just for medieval fairs and costume parties, it is worn at many different occasions – from weddings and christenings to dinner parties and playdates.

Lightweight and Soft for Extra Comfort

Comfort never goes out of style, which is why a baby Jacobite Ghillie shirt should always be a staple in your kid’s cupboard. Our premium cotton shirts keep kids comfortable throughout the day.

Quality Kids Kilt Clothing UK

Tartan Tweeds is known for its high-quality Scotland inspired clothing and wares. A kilt shirt is just one of the many items in our catalogue. We also offer a wide range of full baby kilt outfitswaistcoats, sporrans, and bow ties.

Browse our catalogue of cotton kilt shirts for babies and boys below

Kilt Hose

Boys Kilt Hose

Boys kilt hose are a staple in any kids kilt outfit. These Scottish socks are soft, durable, provide a snug fit and look just like Dad's.

Kilt hose are traditionally worn knee-high with the upper part folded down to create a thicker cuff. It's not always easy finding a kilt sock to match your tartan. That's why a neutral colour works best.

The baby hose caters to 0-12 months old while the Glen Appin Of Scotland range caters to shoe sizes 6 - 3.5 UK.

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide top-quality children's kilt socks made in Scotland together with our range of Kid's kilt belts and kilt accessories.

Kilt Sock/ Hose: Easy to wear

A kilt hose is worn above the calf and folded down to create a lip. Boys Kilt Flashes hold the socks in place and if you wish a fake Sgian Dubh can be worn on the side of your child's dominant hand. The kilt hose doesn't cover any of the knees and only the handle of the Sgian Dubh shows out the top of the sock.

Pair kilt socks with either black shoes or boots and, of course, a boys tartan kilt.

Kilt Hose Made for Comfort

These Scottish kid socks are made from a blend of wool, Acrylic, Nylon, and Elastane. The luxury wool provides a soft touch while keeping your son's feet warm. They absorb moisture and are anti-bacterial at the same time.

Acrylic is superb for shortening drying time and adding extra insulation. The natural absorbent qualities of acrylic is ideal for odour control.

The Nylon used in these kilt sock makes it tough and can resist a lot of pulling and tugging. On the other hand, elastane ensures a comfortable, snug fit in your boy's shoe.

Modern kilt hose with Traditional design

Even though these children's kilt socks have a traditional ribbed design, the modern fabric keeps your wee one stylish and warm. The broad ribbed socks let you know when the socks are twisted to straighten them as they're more comfortable that way.

Long-lasting kilt socks

Children's Scottish hose are not worn every day. But when they are worn, they're truly put to the test whether it's an outdoor event, wedding, highland dance or ceilidh.

The fibre blend is perfect to provide comfort and strength which makes them hard-wearing and machine washable. They're more than durable and comfortable, but luxurious as the traditional design makes these the ideal highland accessory.

Kilt socks in 2 different colours

These boys kilt hose are available in a solid Black or White colour. If your little boy is prone to getting their socks dirty (which is normal), then the colours are easy to care for.

The solid black or white colour complements any kilt your little boy is wearing and is suitable for any occasion.

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide hard-wearing hose to match any tartan outfits for any special event.

Buy kilt socks online today.

Kilt Flashes

Kids Kilt Flashes

Kilts are beloved worldwide, but a great kilt is only as good as its accessories – like kilt flashes.

With a good pair of flashes, your kid is guaranteed to be the best dressed whatever the occasion.

Our range of kids kilt flashes are available for kids and babies and can be bought alongside full kilt outfits and accessories such as kilt belts and kilt hoses.

Perfect for Weddings and Special Occasions

Kilts are the most important part of traditional Scottish outfits, but when it’s time to dress to impress it’s all about the details.

Finding accessories that fit with the kilt is key to a cute outfit for those special occasions.

Stylish Designs for Stylish Kids

With a wide variety of different styles and designs to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect flashes to complement that tartan waistcoat and black fur sporran.

Made from premium wool and a hardy elastic that fits snug around the sock, these Scottish inspired baby kilt flashes are tastefully designed and timeless.

The elastic makes it easy to put on and take off while hugging the sock so it doesn't slip down.

Complete the Look with the Right Clan Colours

Tartan Tweeds offers a wide variety of vibrant flashes.

Whether you want something bright and fun or moody and muted, we have designs in traditional clan colours to suit any occasion.


This is a wildly popular design among boys and looks great with most kilts.

The light blue and bright yellow hues make it an excellent option for outdoor events.

Black Watch

The Black Watch design is iconic.

This elegant tartan will look good paired with pretty much anything. Of course, the darker shade and midnight blue make it great for formal events and dinners.

Buchanan Antique

Buchanan Antique's warm colours make it the perfect winter and autumn companion.

Pair it with the Buchanan Antique Tartan Baby Kilt Outfit for an outfit that will turn heads.


Colquhoun tartan offers a splash of colour and personality to formal outfits.

Pair these Colquhoun flashes with kilt hoses to really make a statement.

Cornish Hunting

The dark midnight blue colour and deep lines on Cornish Hunting make it a popular choice for evening events and special occasions.

Of course, that’s not to say it can’t be worn casually.


Nothing beats a black, red, and yellow colour combination.

When it comes to special occasions and formal events, Wallace tartan is always an elegant and stylish choice.

Ramsay Blue

Ramsay Blue is truly one of the timeless designs.

Blue contrasted with white and black lines works wonderfully at any events and boys will love it.

Royal Stewart

Recognised around the world, Royal Stewart is an essential part of any wardrobe.

No other design is quite as well-known as Royal Stewart so these are the perfect first pair of flashes.

Traditional Kilt Flashes United Kingdom

Tartan Tweeds is a trusted retailer of Scottish themed outfits for babies, boys, and girls in the United Kingdom.

Whether you need a baby tartan kilt hose flash or full baby kilt outfit, you’re in the right place.

Baby Kilt Outfit

Whether you're attending a wedding, party or another special event in life a tartan baby kilt is the perfect outfit for your wee one to capture those precious moments

Baby kilts are the perfect choice for parents looking to showcase their Scottish heritage.

Even though it's more common to see a kilt on adults and teenagers, there's no reason why your kid can't get in on the action and show off their kilt too.

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide high-quality baby kilt packages made in Scotland for most special occasions and in various sizes. Alongside stand-alone sporrans, kids kilts, flashes, and Ghillie shirts.

Baby Kilt Outfit to Fulfill Scottish Traditions

Every boy's kilt package includes a baby kilt in several tartan choices, a cotton ghillie shirt with lace, traditional kilt socks, and a soft leather age-appropriate sporran.

Several Clan Tartans to Choose From

Each baby boy tartan outfit is available for ages 0-24 months old. The soft material is available in 27+ traditional tartans from Black Watch to Royal Stewart. You can dress your child in your specific clan tartan.

Baby Boy Kilt: Perfect for Sensitive Skins

Now, your little one can dress like his dad to experience the style, comfort, and freedom of a kilt. A baby kilt outfit is made to fit a child and is not as heavy as a standard adult kilt. Still, these kilt outfits effectively keep your little one warm.

The material is made from a blend of viscose and polyester, so it's durable. The warm and breathable material of the tartans is perfect for sensitive skin and helps keep your child cool.

Long-lasting kilts with babies in mind

The kilt's adjustable waistband makes it easier to wear over outer clothes. Plus, there are no buckles for your child's tiny hands to get tangled in. There are several tartans to choose from and outfits suitable for toddlers up to 12 months old.

Kilt Shirts Made for Babies

A baby kilt outfit comes standard with a cotton ghillie shirt with lace and in the colour white. Babies heads are proportionally larger than adults and the ghillie shirt is made to cope with this. The cotton shirt is light and airy which keeps your child comfortable as much as possible on many occasions.

The shirt's lace neck closure is dyed leather. Do not wash it with the shirt.

Scottish Kilt Socks/ Hose

These tiny Scottish socks come standard in a baby kilt outfit and matches perfectly with all tartans. The socks work like kilt hose but for little feet. The hose is knitted from a luxury wool blend to survive chewing and machine washing. These great quality socks are made for comfort, stretch and fit. These tubed socks can be rolled down to the cuff to fit children between the ages of 0 - 12 months.

Sporran: To Complete the Baby Kilt Outfit

Complete the entire baby kilt outfit with these little sporrans. The sporran size is 5.2" x 6"(13cm x 15cm), this soft leather accessory is perfect for a truly authentic look. The size and weight make these sporrans lightweight, so they won't weigh babies down and can be used for months and years to come.

These sporrans also don't have any thistles, buckles, or tassles. This is great because there are no dangling objects for your baby to chew on.

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide a wide range of baby kilt outfits to match their dad, brother, grandad, or uncle.

Do we have your tartan?


Harris Tweed Handbags

Harris Tweed bags are timeless, stylish, and elegant. These tweed bags are the perfect accessory to most outfits and make a thoughtful gift. 

All Harris Tweed bags are of excellent quality with a luxurious look and feel. Each bag comes in a choice of tweeds that are a perfect fit for just about any occasion.

At Tartan Tweeds, we stock a wide selection of ladies Harris Tweed bags, including a range of tote handbags, shoulder bags, and backpacks.

What Is So Special About Harris Tweed Bags?

Harris Tweed fabric is well-known for its intricate beauty, unique quality, and rich heritage. The material is expertly handwoven in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. 

On top of that, Harris Tweed material is crafted from 100% virgin wool and spin dyed. A Harris Tweed bag is wonderfully soft thanks to its closely woven woollen construction.

Harris Tweed material is the only fabric protected by Parliament and inspected to verify its authenticity. The high-quality fabric boasts the famous Orb logo to prove its authenticity. 

Scottish Heritage In The Modern World

Harris Tweed bags are popular because they are known for their warmth, breathability, and cultural currency. Our collection of opulent women's tweed bags embraces the Scottish heritage while incorporating authentic Harris Tweed fabrics into the designs.

It's easy to elevate this classic fabric into contemporary fashion through modern handbag designs.

No Compromise On Storage

Harris Tweed bags are the perfect accessory to store all your necessary items.

The lining provides that extra soft and smooth feel as you glide your hands into the bag, while the internal pockets of the tartan bag is a welcomed lifesaver as it provides much-needed organisation capabilities. No more emptying your entire bag for those sneaky keys, loose change, or your cellphone.

Beauty And Practicality Matched

Each tweed handbag has real leather trim for extra durability and flexibility. The leather helps keep your bag in shape while exuding quality and beauty simultaneously.

Versatile Harris Tweed Bags

The well-sought after tartan handbags are known for their versatility and striking style. 

Harris Tweed bags can do it all. They can easily take you from work to a night out.

What makes tweed bags perfect is that they can hold everyday items and still look elegant and purposeful at night. Use them when travelling, exploring the hills, or grabbing a coffee with a friend.

Harris Tweed Bags Are Easy On Your Body

Because we carry more items than we ever need, wearing the wrong handbag could strain your body.

These women's tweed handbags are comfortable and easy to carry. They don't strain your back and shoulders and are easy on your muscles.

Several Designs And Colours To Choose From

A tartan handbag goes far beyond superior quality. These Harris Tweed shoulder bags are also available in several designs like scallop bags, dogtooth bags, square bags, and satchels (among others). 

From different shades of blue to several pink hues that will have you swooning in no time, there's a colour for everyone.

If a warmer colour like chocolate brown and dependable green is more your type of colour, we have a selection of several tartans to match your outfits.

Are you looking for tartan bags in the UK? At Tartan Tweeds, we have an extensive collection of genuine Harris Tweed bags that are classy, durable, and timeless.

These are alongside our matching ladies hatstartan scarves, and tweed purses

Shop Harris Tweed Handbags UK!