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What’s not to love about a cushion clad in Scotland’s iconic tartan check pattern? Tartan plaid cushions add a dash of Highland charm to any space and are as practical as they are pretty. Our tweed check cushions are the missing element for your home or office space.

Lovingly created by tweed artisans on the Outer Hebrides in northern Scotland, our stylish tartan cushions and cushion covers are perfect accessories for just about any space or style.

Whether it’s a city apartment, countryside cottage, or modern studio, tartan cushions complement any stylistic choices and colour palette.

Use our tartan scatter cushions in bedrooms, living rooms, and offices, or pair them with one of our tartan wool blankets for a Highlands inspired picnic on Loch Lomond.

Browse our range below to find the perfect tartan inspired product for your style.

Tartan Cushions are Not Just Another Piece of Décor

Nothing brightens your home up quite like a sofa lined with tartan cushions. Whether you prefer a clean contemporary look or an eccentric Bohemian aesthetic, woven tartan cushions work with any style. That’s what makes them such an enduring fashion feature.

But there is nothing ordinary about these tartan inspired cushions.

Along with being decadently soft to the touch, functional, and beautiful to look at, they also represent the unique cultural heritage and style of Scotland.

Having a tartan cushion in your home is a stylish way to show off your heritage and ensure no necks are left stiff after a night of sleeping on the couch or in the spare room.

Cushions from Master Weavers of Legendary Hebrides Tweed

If you’re going to celebrate the timeless traditional style that is tartan, there is nowhere else to look but the green rolling hills of the Hebrides.

It is home to a legendary 100% pure woven wool cloth that is fabric luxury in its purest form.

This iconic fabric is Harris Tweed.

Harris Tweed is a decadent material that is one of only a few fabrics that are still woven by hand. It is expertly crafted in the homes of skilled loom masters and tweed artists on the Gaelic Hebrides islands off the coast of northern Scotland.

According to the Harris Tweed Act of 1993, Harris tweed is strictly defined as: “Handwoven by the islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides, finished in the Outer Hebrides, and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides.”

It is a legally protected product that needs to pass an examination before it is certified as authentic by the Tweed National Authority. Each of our Harris Tweed cushions and cushion covers bears the Harris Tweed Authority "Orb" label that signals its authenticity.

Classic Designs that Never Go Out of Style

Tartan will always be timeless. It originated in the Scottish Highlands in the fourth century AD and is still wildly popular. Not just in Scotland, but the rest of the world too.

The distinctive check pattern is instantly recognisable and is beloved by many.

That’s why tartan inspired accessories will always be in style.

They are modern and sophisticated with just the right amount of colour and Scottish sass. You can never go wrong with a tartan tweed product.

Our cushions and cushion covers are available in a range of colours and designs. Tartan Tweeds offers Standard Square and Rectangular cushions and cushion covers.

Rectangular Tartan Cushions

Rectangular tartan cushions are stylish accessories for any room. Make an impression with textured checked cushions that add a cosy colour element to living rooms, bedrooms, and studies.

Delightfully soft to the touch and generously stuffed, these premium cushions offer support for those late nights at your computer or a plush cuddle buddy for those lonely winter nights.

Our rectangular cushions are available in small and large sizes. Mix and match different sizes to create a visually interesting design or a couch you won’t be able to resist sinking into.

Choose from timeless grey and brown earthy tones or bright, brilliant shades of purple, red, and blue.

Cushion Sizes

40cm x 25cm

44cm x 26cm

46cm x 26cm

50cm x 30cm

Square Tartan Cushions

There is so much you can do with these square tartan cushions.

Add soft textures in the bedroom by pairing our statement tartan cushions with a complementary throw or bed runner. Transform a dark interior into a welcoming space by adorning sofas and armchairs with earthy hued cushions. Or add a touch of colour to light, modern rooms for a bold design element that enhances the airy aesthetic.

Created from thick woven wool material that is extremely robust and durable, these cushions can withstand everyday use and the wear and tear that comes with active families and frequent cuddling.

Our tartan cushions come in a range of attractive and timeless designs. Choose from vivid shades of red, purple, green, and blue for a more whimsical style. Or go for muted shades of grey, brown, and khaki for an enduring colour palette that encourages relaxation.

Cushion Sizes

40cm x 40cm

Tartan Cushion Covers

Already have cushions and just need a trendy tartan cushion cover to complete the look?

Look no further.

Our tartan cushion covers will not disappoint when it comes to quality and design. Mix and match sizes to achieve the perfect colour palette. Or simply replace a frumpy old cover that has lost its vibrant colour with a beloved Scottish design you will never tire of.

Our cushion covers are available in quintessential check designs that pair well with plain and patterned material. Opt for a bold red Royal Stewart cover with a black satin back panel or moody green and blue Black Watch tartan cover with a black satin back panel.

Cushion Cover Sizes

40cm x 40cm

Great in City Apartments and Country Cottages

There are countless ways to add charm and style to living spaces, but cushions will always be one of the best decorating decisions you can make. Both functional and fun, cushions can give an otherwise dull space just the right amount of colour and personality.

Whether it’s a corporate space, farmhouse, or minimal city apartment, cushions with the distinct check pattern of Scotland add a quirkiness you can’t help but love.

Our scatter cushions are made from incredibly robust material and have a beautiful but nuanced design that makes them great for just about any space. We recommend using them as bed pillows, sofa cushions, decorative accents, seat pads, or floor cushions.

They also make excellent gifts and are hardy enough to be used in hotels, guest houses, holiday lets, and reception areas.

Cleaning and Care Guide

Each cushion has a removable cover, making it easy to wash.

A cool hand wash or dry clean will ensure your cushions retain their striking colour. Using laundry detergents that are free from harsh chemicals is also recommended.

Tartan Cushions and Tartan Cushion Covers UK

Tartan Tweed is a trusted purveyor of traditional tartan and tweed wear and gifts in Scotland. We take our tweed seriously and are passionate about sharing this iconic style with the world and delighting our customers with the finest tweed this side of the equator.

Handmade in Scotland with only the best material and most attractive designs, our traditional tartan cushions will impress even the most discerning tweed and tartan lovers.

Our luxurious Harris Tweed collection is free from scratchy synthetic materials, making them perfect for beds. They are also extremely durable, so you can use them as floor cushions for picnics and not worry about them fraying or stuffing bursting through the seams.

We ship throughout the United Kingdom and internationally.

Browse our wide range of modern tartan inspired cushions and cushion covers below to find the perfect one that will match your home or workspace.

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