Tartan Bagpipes UK

A bagpipe is known as the Musical Instrument of Scotland. Some people may not be content enough to listen to the pipes once in a while. They want to master the low-droning, high-pitched, and sometimes squeaky instrument that motivated Scottish troops back in the day.

Bagpipes are a fantastic way to actively involve your child in appreciating some of the gems from Scotland. The mini bagpipes are designed to provide your kids with hours of endless fun.

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide a selection of tartan bagpipes in various covers suitable for kids.

Blowstick For Air Supply

The natural wood of the blowstick allows your child to blow into the pipes safely. The grooved wood is excellent at preventing the cover from slipping while making sweet music.

The blowstick also has an accompanying valve to stop air from blowing back.

Chanter & Reed To Make Traditional Scots Music

The reed helps your little one make the amazing sound of traditional Scottish music.

Place the reed between the bag and in the chanter to produce bewildering melodies. The working chanter attaches to the blowpipe by biting on the reed and blowing into the airbag. Your kid can easily make music by covering up the holes to make different notes.

The pipes are a perfect way to practice the intricate finger technique of playing a wind instrument. 

Drones To Add A Realistic Touch

The wooden drones are beautifully varnished and prevent splinters from getting into your young ones' hands. Even though the drones don't have a functional purpose on these models, they allow your kid to get a real-life feel for an adult set of pipes.

The fancy matching cord holds the drones elegantly in place.

Tartan Bag To Complete The Scottish Look

These clan tartan bag covers provide the iconic touch that these woodwind instruments and tartan are known for. The airbag is made from synthetic material while the tartan covers consist of high-quality wool acrylic that easily fits under your kid's arm.

The shape and fitting of the bag make it easier for little hands to control.

Several Clan Tartans To Choose From

There's a range of clan tartans available, like Mackenzie, Black Watch, Pride of Scotland, and the well-known, Royal Stewart.

The matching fringing provides a pleasant aesthetic that adds a touch of simple flamboyance.

More Than Just Fun

Playing the bagpipe can help boost your child's confidence, especially as they get better. Starting to play the bagpipe brings you into a community where your kid can connect with others.

The challenge of learning a new skill is also good for brain health because Pipers memorise their music - which could be a collection of modern music too.

Are Tartan Bagpipes Easy to Play?

A bagpipe is more challenging to play than other musical instruments. That's because Pipers have to blow and squeeze simultaneously to keep the right amount of air flowing.

Because it can take months and years to master songs, starting your kid early on the pipes is better.

At Tartan Tweeds, we have clan tartan bagpipes for sale that are perfectly shaped for a snug fit.

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