Baby Kilt Outfit

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Baby Kilt Outfit

Whether you're attending a wedding, party or another special event in life a tartan baby kilt is the perfect outfit for your wee one to capture those precious moments

Baby kilts are the perfect choice for parents looking to showcase their Scottish heritage.

Even though it's more common to see a kilt on adults and teenagers, there's no reason why your kid can't get in on the action and show off their kilt too.

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide high-quality baby kilt packages made in Scotland for most special occasions and in various sizes. Alongside stand-alone sporrans, kids kilts, flashes, and Ghillie shirts.

Baby Kilt Outfit to Fulfill Scottish Traditions

Every boy's kilt package includes a baby kilt in several tartan choices, a cotton ghillie shirt with lace, traditional kilt socks, and a soft leather age-appropriate sporran.

Several Clan Tartans to Choose From

Each baby boy tartan outfit is available for ages 0-24 months old. The soft material is available in 27+ traditional tartans from Black Watch to Royal Stewart. You can dress your child in your specific clan tartan.

Baby Boy Kilt: Perfect for Sensitive Skins

Now, your little one can dress like his dad to experience the style, comfort, and freedom of a kilt. A baby kilt outfit is made to fit a child and is not as heavy as a standard adult kilt. Still, these kilt outfits effectively keep your little one warm.

The material is made from a blend of viscose and polyester, so it's durable. The warm and breathable material of the tartans is perfect for sensitive skin and helps keep your child cool.

Long-lasting kilts with babies in mind

The kilt's adjustable waistband makes it easier to wear over outer clothes. Plus, there are no buckles for your child's tiny hands to get tangled in. There are several tartans to choose from and outfits suitable for toddlers up to 12 months old.

Kilt Shirts Made for Babies

A baby kilt outfit comes standard with a cotton ghillie shirt with lace and in the colour white. Babies heads are proportionally larger than adults and the ghillie shirt is made to cope with this. The cotton shirt is light and airy which keeps your child comfortable as much as possible on many occasions.

The shirt's lace neck closure is dyed leather. Do not wash it with the shirt.

Scottish Kilt Socks/ Hose

These tiny Scottish socks come standard in a baby kilt outfit and matches perfectly with all tartans. The socks work like kilt hose but for little feet. The hose is knitted from a luxury wool blend to survive chewing and machine washing. These great quality socks are made for comfort, stretch and fit. These tubed socks can be rolled down to the cuff to fit children between the ages of 0 - 12 months.

Sporran: To Complete the Baby Kilt Outfit

Complete the entire baby kilt outfit with these little sporrans. The sporran size is 5.2" x 6"(13cm x 15cm), this soft leather accessory is perfect for a truly authentic look. The size and weight make these sporrans lightweight, so they won't weigh babies down and can be used for months and years to come.

These sporrans also don't have any thistles, buckles, or tassles. This is great because there are no dangling objects for your baby to chew on.

At Tartan Tweeds, we provide a wide range of baby kilt outfits to match their dad, brother, grandad, or uncle.

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